15 Jan 2017

New Releases! Planner Stickers

Its Sunday which means New Releases, my New Releases actually go up in my shop on Fridays but I make sure I have enough in stock for when I post On Sundays. I'm so excited about this weeks Stickers they took me a while to design I kept tweaking them till i was 100% Happy with them, plus I changed my paper supplier because they were offering a better quality that what I was using, so my Stickers look so good.  

Birthday Stickers 

Coffee Cup Stickers

Tea Cup Stickers 

Beer, Wine, and Cocktail Stickers

AT (@) Stickers 

Shopping Trolley Stickers

Red/Orange Half Boxes

Pink/Purple Half Boxes

Black/Grey Half Boxes 

You Can Visit my Store Here.
I have an offer on until the end of January, Spend £5 get 20% Off. 

D'Atra Paris 

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