11 Jan 2017

My Top 10 TV Series

For Today's Blog I wanted to share My top 10 TV Series, with it being January TV can be really boring so I thought I would share some Ideas to keep your nights in entertaining. 

1. Game Of Thrones (Its a must watch)

Image result for game of throne

2. Breaking Bad
3. Lost
4. Dexter 

Image result for dexter

5. 2 Broke Girls
6. Desperate Housewives 
7. Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Image result for secret diary of a call girl

8.Sex and The City
9. Friends 
10. American Horror Story

Here is some that I would like to watch and haven't got round to it. 

1. Walking Dead
2.Better Call Sol 
3. Gilmore Girls 
4. Orange Is The New Black
5. Devious Maids 
6. Charmed 

Hope this gives you some inspiration for these January Nights!

D'Atra Paris 
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