9 Dec 2016

My Favourite Things About Winter

Winter is upon us so i have put together a list of my favourite things about winter. I would love to hear your favourite things leave them in the comments below. 

1. Snow and the cold weather has to be my number one, most people love the summer but i love the cold weather,  snuggling up and getting out all my favourite blankets out.

2. Along with my blankets, I get to dig out my Scarfs and my winter boots.

3. I love all the Festive Activities, such as Christmas markets, a new cafe has recently opened in Manchester 'Cat Cafe' where you can have Tea and Coffee while cuddling cats, we have a table booked there for our Family Christmas party which is really exciting. 

4. The food I love winter food, Soups, Stews and Pies not very good for the waist line but so delicious.

5. Finally, cosy nights in with the boyfriend, some festive films, good food and a warm house. You can't beat it. 

D'Atra Paris
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