16 Dec 2016

My Favourite Etsy Sticker Shops

As you know I'm in love with Planner Stickers, I have just launched a range of Planner stickers myself in my shop, but today I thought i'd share my favourite Etsy shop's. 

Happy Cutie Studio

Juicy Planner 

She has amazing stickers, I placed my first order with her on Black Friday and I received it a couple days ago, the quality is great, the colours are so bright and vivid. 

You can visit her shop here: Juicy Planner

Happy Cutie Studio 

I have posted a blog post with a haul from her shop, they are great quality and a great price, she always has an offer on. 

You can visit her shop here: Happy Cutie Studio 

Printable Files

If printables are more your thing, then Printable Files is a great shop for you, she has some great designs and she makes custom orders if your looking for something specific. 

You can visit her shop here: Printable Files

Handmade Heywood 

If any of you are interested in trying my planner stickers. 

You can visit my shop here: Handmade Heywood

D'Atra Paris

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