2 Dec 2016

Gift Ideas For Her - Christmas 2016

My last post was gift ideas for your Secret Santa today's is for gift ideas for Her. This is always an easy and fun post to write because it doubles as my wish list. I have included items to suit every budget, keep an eye out for sales and coupons you might even be able to find items cheaper than i have listed. 

Gifts For £5

1. Stocking Fillers - These are a great way to add to a gift you have already purchased. (box of chocolates, wine, flowers)

2. Purse - I sell these in my shop in a number of styles and colours. 

Gifts For £10+

1. Make Up Brush Holder - I sell these in my shop they are a new product I designed, perfect for any lady that is a make up user or lover.  

2. Make Up Brushes - I have bought these for some of my family members, I tried them out for myself first and I love them I would really recommend them. 

Gifts For £20+

1. Pandora - I love Pandora and you could buy a bracelet and a charm and build upon it over the years and special occasions. 

2. Planner - As you all know I am obsessed with my planner and i think it would make a great gift. There's loads to choose from to fit any budget. I have the Large Happy Planner.

3. Watch - Watches is something that I don't like to buy myself so I love it when someone buys them for me. 

The next blog will be gifts for him. 

D'Atra Paris 

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