18 Dec 2016

Christmas Tag 2016

I have a fun blog for you today, the Christmas 2016 Tag, Feel free to do the Christmas Tag on your Blog!

Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

Christmas Eve, I love Christmas Eve, my whole family usually go out for dinner and a few drinks, this year we are doing something different and spending it with my boyfriends family, we have been invited to a street party which will hopefully be really fun.

What is your favourite Christmas movie?

I did a blog post a few days ago about my favourite Christmas movies, my favourite is December Bride. Click here if you would like to see the rest. 

Favourite festive food?

I am not a lover of Christmas food, its a bit to rich for me but my mum cooks Christmas dinner and she make the most amazing Cauliflower Cheese which she only makes at Christmas so that would have to be my favourite festive food.  

Favourite Christmas Scent?

This is an easy question; Yankee's Christmas Garland candle, I buy it every year and it smells so good, I just discovered another one this year Red Apple that has to be a close second, I have it burning as I'm writing this post. 

Christmas Eve Traditions?

I touched on this in the first question, I spend time with my family late afternoon and then when my boyfriend and I get home we open one present each and snuggle to watch a Christmas film. 

What tops your tree?

I have two trees in my house, one in my living room which is topped by a glittery red star and one in my sewing room which is topped with a purple glittery star. (I will do a post showing all my Christmas decorations) 

As a kid, what extravagant thing did you always ask for but never receive?

As a kid I always wanted a Cat and my dad doesn't like animals so I never received one. However, as so as I finished University and got my own place I got a cat, My little boy Philip (aka Brown Bear) then when my boyfriend and I moved in together we got another cat Thomas (aka Tickle Pickle) and in may this year we got another little kitty, Jasper (aka Rasper Dasper).  

What do you wear on Christmas Day?

I wear my Christmas jumper, I bought it last year its grey and says "I've been as good as gold" i pair that with my leather skirt and a pair of tights. 

Is Christmas a small group or everyone you can get around the table?

It changes every year, my Mum and Dad aren't together so we have Christmas breakfast with my Dad in the morning and then go to my Mum and Pete's for Dinner, Pete has three children who go to their mums one year and Pete's the next. This year his kids will be there so there will be 11 of us in total, so it will be a squeeze i just had to give my mum my table so she has extra room. 

What is the best part about Christmas for you?

Christmas Day is really stressful for me so my favourite part is when my boyfriend and I get home and snuggle up with the kitties and watch a film and have some Mulled Wine. 

Whatever you do for Christmas I hope you have a really good one, like I said feel free to do the tag yourself and link your post in the comment so I can read yours.  

D'Atra Paris

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