21 Dec 2016

Cat Cafe and Manchester Christmas Markets

As I mentioned in a previous blog we went to Cat Cafe in Manchester yesterday, my mum, my nan, my sister and myself all went for our Christmas Party. If you don't know what the Cat Cafe is it is literally a cafe where you can cuddle Cats, while you enjoy a latte. After Cat Cafe wee took a walk round the Christmas Markets and I picked up some really good stuff plus I went into Lush and picked up some bath bombs.

Left To Right: Me, Mum, Nan, and My Sister 

I took some photos inside Cat Cafe, when you go in the staff brief you on the rule then you can decided is you want to wear shoe covers or take your shoes off, we all chose shoe covers. 

I had a Caramel Latte and Salted Caramel Fudge Cake. The Drink are included in the booking fee which is £12 for 1 Hour any food is extra. 

Here's some cute Kitty Photos!

After the Cat Cafe we went over to the Christmas Markets and Lush, (I will do a haul in a separate Blog so its not to long.) 


My Sister and I

It was the last day of the Christmas Markets yesterday for another year but if your in Manchester and your a Cat lover, Cat Cafe is worth a visit!!

D'Atra Paris

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