23 Nov 2016

Sewing A To Z - STU

S - Sewing Machine 

There's a Sewing Machine to suit every budget, when your buying you machine go to a shop where you can have a go of the machines, that way you can make sure your happy before you buy. If you have a small budget or don't know if you will like sewing purchase a cheap machine and when your budget improves or you fall in love with sewing you can sell your machine and purchase a more expensive one.

T - Thread 

Buy quality thread its stronger and won't snap. If your on a budget like I was buy the basic colours, Black, White and Beige these colours go with most things. When I was ready to build my collection i bought a job lot of thread of eBay for around £20.

U - Under Stitch

Often if your making something with lining or interfacing and you notice that it starts to show,do a line of stitching along the seem on the piece you don't want to see and it will hold the piece of lining or interfacing down.

VWX will be posted next

D'Atra Paris
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