14 Nov 2016

Sewing A To Z - GHI

G - Gathering 

Gathering is when you gather the fabric up to achieve a certain look or because the sewing pattern your following requires you to do so. There is many ways to gather your fabric, but the method I use is two lines of straight stitch. I use a longer stitch and stitch two rows parallel to each other, the width depends on the fabric, for light weight fabrics I space them near to each other (about half a cm) and heavier fabrics a little further apart. Just bear in mind what you are gathering for, whether its to for a skirt or to fit in a sleeve.

H - Hand-sewing 

Hand Sewing is when you sew with a needle and thread, without a sewing machine. I hand sew when I need the stitch to be invisible or close a hole. There is many different types of hand needles that do different jobs or are for different thicknesses of thread. (I will have a separate post about the different types of needles soon) Check Out my English Paper Piecing Blog, if you want to try a craft that involves hand sewing.

I - Interfacing 

There are many types of interfacing but the one I will mention today is the Iron on. You can buy all different thickness and for different fabrics. I use the Iron on Heavy Weight as it gives me the most structure to my fabric items, but if I'm dress making i use a light weigh interfacing as it still allows the fabric to move.

JKL will be posted soon.

D'Atra Paris
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