9 Nov 2016

Sewing A To Z - DEF

D - Double Turn Hem

A double turn hem can be used to hide the raw edge on a garment or an item. Fold over the edge of the fabric then fold it over again and the raw edge will be concealed.

E - Embroidery Stitches

Some sewing machines come with embroidery stitches,these are useful to add as an embellishment to a plain t-shirt or even a towel. You may even have alphabet letters on your machine which means you can even add a personal touch like someone's name or a phrase.

F - Feet

You can change the feet on a sewing machine and usually you get a selt of feet when you buy a machine. Each foot does a different job, or gives a different finish or even helps you to achieve a specific technique. ( I will have a blog post coming up soon going into more detail about different feet and their jobs).

D'Atra Paris 

GHI - Will be posted on Friday!!!
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