30 Nov 2016

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching and I have lots of helpful Blogs coming your way with tips and tricks on how to be prepared for the holiday season. Today's Blog is gift ideas for Secret Santa. Secret Santa is when you buy someone a give and your receive one but you have no idea who its from, Secret Santa is a great way if your on a budget as you will only need to buy for the person you have been assigned and everyone who takes part will receive a gift. Usually there is a set or rules and a budget which you all agree on. 

£5 Budget 

1. Wine and Chocolates (Simple But Effective)

3. A personalized mug (For the office)

4. Bake them your signature cake or cookies 
(Make sure they wont be out of date by the time they get to eat them) 

5. Make them something, whether it be baking them a treat or knitting them a hat.

£10 Budget

1. Scarf (Bought or Handmade)

2. Candle (Zoella - Lazy Days)

3. Adult coloring book and some pens (Check Out These)

4. A book or an e-book they have been wanting to read, or you have read that you know they will like. 

£15+ Budget 

1. Gift Card (Buy to suit your chosen person)

2. If your close to the person take them out to lunch on you. 

3. A Gift Set from Lush.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your Secret Santa 

D'Atra Paris

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