4 Nov 2016

My Personal Planner

A month ago or so I posted a blog about my Happy Planner, I also have a Personal Planner so I thought I would show you how I set my Personal Planner up, and were I purchased everything from. 

I purchased the binder of eBay for £5 it came with sheets inside which you can keep and use if you want to but I purchased printable inserts of Etsy because I wanted them to fit stickers. 

I keep my Personal Planner in my Handbag and I plan a few weeks in-front so if I'm out and something crops up I can just add it in. 

Pink Fluffy Bunny - Primark £1.50
Key-ring - Alehop 2 Euro

Post It Notes - eBay £1
Paper Clip - Local Shop

Stickers - Planner Envy 

These Stickers from Planner Envy are great to clip into the back of your personal planner you can just add them in where you need them when your on the go. 

I hope you like it and I would love to see yours!

D'Atra Paris

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