30 Nov 2016

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching and I have lots of helpful Blogs coming your way with tips and tricks on how to be prepared for the holiday season. Today's Blog is gift ideas for Secret Santa. Secret Santa is when you buy someone a give and your receive one but you have no idea who its from, Secret Santa is a great way if your on a budget as you will only need to buy for the person you have been assigned and everyone who takes part will receive a gift. Usually there is a set or rules and a budget which you all agree on. 

£5 Budget 

1. Wine and Chocolates (Simple But Effective)

3. A personalized mug (For the office)

4. Bake them your signature cake or cookies 
(Make sure they wont be out of date by the time they get to eat them) 

5. Make them something, whether it be baking them a treat or knitting them a hat.

£10 Budget

1. Scarf (Bought or Handmade)

2. Candle (Zoella - Lazy Days)

3. Adult coloring book and some pens (Check Out These)

4. A book or an e-book they have been wanting to read, or you have read that you know they will like. 

£15+ Budget 

1. Gift Card (Buy to suit your chosen person)

2. If your close to the person take them out to lunch on you. 

3. A Gift Set from Lush.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your Secret Santa 

D'Atra Paris

28 Nov 2016

Sewing A To Z - YZ

Y - Yard

A Yard, like a Meter is how fabric is measured, I don't work in Yards so i use a conversion chart on Google to change Yards to Meters. You may work better in Yards its just what you feel comfortable. When your out shopping for fabric just bear the conversion in mind so you get what you need.

Z - Zip

A Zip like a Button and a Press Stud can be used as an embellishment detail or a closure.
There's 2 main types of zip, Invisible and the regular zip 'Visible'. If your pattern require an invisible zip you will need to buy a special foot for your machine. 'Visible' zips are great for Pencil Cases, Cushion Covers.

That's the end of my Sewing Dictionary series, I hope you find it helpful and It helps you on your Sewing Journey. 

D'Atra Paris 

25 Nov 2016

Sewing A To Z - VWX

V - Velcro

Velcro is really useful and easy fit, it's a great fastening and can be used to attach details or make children's activity crafts.

W - Wonder Web

Wonder Web can have lots of different uses and is widely available, I use it to hold things in place while is sew them, such as applique so much cheaper than buying applique paper and it comes off in the wash. its  great as temporary way to hem pants and skirts if your in a rush.

X - Extras 

Don't forget you Extras, Stitch Rippers, Scissors, Sewing Box, and Pins.

The last post will be up on Monday.

D'Atra Paris

23 Nov 2016

Sewing A To Z - STU

S - Sewing Machine 

There's a Sewing Machine to suit every budget, when your buying you machine go to a shop where you can have a go of the machines, that way you can make sure your happy before you buy. If you have a small budget or don't know if you will like sewing purchase a cheap machine and when your budget improves or you fall in love with sewing you can sell your machine and purchase a more expensive one.

T - Thread 

Buy quality thread its stronger and won't snap. If your on a budget like I was buy the basic colours, Black, White and Beige these colours go with most things. When I was ready to build my collection i bought a job lot of thread of eBay for around £20.

U - Under Stitch

Often if your making something with lining or interfacing and you notice that it starts to show,do a line of stitching along the seem on the piece you don't want to see and it will hold the piece of lining or interfacing down.

VWX will be posted next

D'Atra Paris

21 Nov 2016

Sewing A To Z - PRQ

P - Press Stud 

Press Studs can be used as a embellishment detail or as a closure for a garment, you can buy a gadget to attach them of Ebay. They are great for a clutch bag fastening.

Q - Quality Fabric

Buying quality fabric gives you the best results, there's less shrinkage when you iron it and its a lot easier to sew, and you will have the best results at the end of your project.

R - Reverse Stitch 

A reverse stitch or lock stitch, locks in your row of stitches, stops them from unravelling and adds extra strength. Read the instructions that come with your machine to find out how to use the reverse stitch function.

STV will be posted soon. 

D'Atra Paris

18 Nov 2016

Sewing A To Z - MNO

M - Meter

A Meter is 100cm and if your out shopping often fabric is sold by the meter so bear that in mind when you are making your fabric list. As you become more experience sewing you will start to know your measurements, for example, I know that I need 3 Meters of fabric to make a full length dress. Some places that sell off cuts will have a Meter ruler handy so you can measure out the fabric and make sure you have enough for what you need.

N - Needle

You should regularly change your Sewing machine needle, your machine will sew better and your thread wont get caught an snap. Often if your struggling with Tension an new needle will do the trick. I change mine every 8 hours of sewing or when I finish a project.

O - Overclock Stitch 

An Overclock Stitch will stop any raw edges from fraying, many sewing machine come with an overclock stitch option but if yours doesn't and you need that function you can purchase an overclocking machine. I have one and at first it was a little tricky to understand how to thread it and getting used to using it but once I did i fell in love with it.

PQR will be posted soon. 

D'Atra Paris

16 Nov 2016

Sewing A To Z - JKL

J - Jewels 

Jewels and Buttons are a great way to add embellishments to your creations, there's a couple of things you need to consider before purchasing. The first one is are they heat resistant, do you need to iron the garment or item where the jewels will be, because you don't want to melt them. The second is do you need to wash the garment or item by machine wash, if you do them buy jewels that can withstand being in the washing machine.

K - Knitting 

People often get confused thinking that Knitting is also sewing, in someways it is similar but it is its own type of craft. Knitting is usually done buy hand on hand held needles (you can buy a knitting machine) I will have a blog post us about Knitting specifically soon.

L - Length (Stitch Length)

You can adjust your stitch length on your machine, read the instructions that come with yours as the way to do it varies by machine. You can sew a long length stitch or a short stitch, it all depends on what fabric your working with or the effect you want to achieve.

MNO Will be up soon.  

D'Atra Paris

14 Nov 2016

Sewing A To Z - GHI

G - Gathering 

Gathering is when you gather the fabric up to achieve a certain look or because the sewing pattern your following requires you to do so. There is many ways to gather your fabric, but the method I use is two lines of straight stitch. I use a longer stitch and stitch two rows parallel to each other, the width depends on the fabric, for light weight fabrics I space them near to each other (about half a cm) and heavier fabrics a little further apart. Just bear in mind what you are gathering for, whether its to for a skirt or to fit in a sleeve.

H - Hand-sewing 

Hand Sewing is when you sew with a needle and thread, without a sewing machine. I hand sew when I need the stitch to be invisible or close a hole. There is many different types of hand needles that do different jobs or are for different thicknesses of thread. (I will have a separate post about the different types of needles soon) Check Out my English Paper Piecing Blog, if you want to try a craft that involves hand sewing.

I - Interfacing 

There are many types of interfacing but the one I will mention today is the Iron on. You can buy all different thickness and for different fabrics. I use the Iron on Heavy Weight as it gives me the most structure to my fabric items, but if I'm dress making i use a light weigh interfacing as it still allows the fabric to move.

JKL will be posted soon.

D'Atra Paris

11 Nov 2016

Sticker Haul

Today I want to show you my recent sticker purchases.

Happy Cutie Studio
Happy Cutie Studio



White Cats - eBay

Paper Doll - eBay

Bunny Rabbits - eBay

I have used some of the stickers I just couldn't wait. 

D'Atra Paris

9 Nov 2016

Sewing A To Z - DEF

D - Double Turn Hem

A double turn hem can be used to hide the raw edge on a garment or an item. Fold over the edge of the fabric then fold it over again and the raw edge will be concealed.

E - Embroidery Stitches

Some sewing machines come with embroidery stitches,these are useful to add as an embellishment to a plain t-shirt or even a towel. You may even have alphabet letters on your machine which means you can even add a personal touch like someone's name or a phrase.

F - Feet

You can change the feet on a sewing machine and usually you get a selt of feet when you buy a machine. Each foot does a different job, or gives a different finish or even helps you to achieve a specific technique. ( I will have a blog post coming up soon going into more detail about different feet and their jobs).

D'Atra Paris 

GHI - Will be posted on Friday!!!

7 Nov 2016

Personal Planner Flip Through: September To October

On Friday I posted about my Personal Planner and how I set it up. Today's post is my Personal Planner flip through from September to the end of October. I can't remember where some of the kits are used are from but if i do I will add it underneath the picture. 

Glam Planner (Printable)


Beautiful You

Planner Envy (Printable)

I would love to see yours, Link it down below!

D'Atra Paris

4 Nov 2016

My Personal Planner

A month ago or so I posted a blog about my Happy Planner, I also have a Personal Planner so I thought I would show you how I set my Personal Planner up, and were I purchased everything from. 

I purchased the binder of eBay for £5 it came with sheets inside which you can keep and use if you want to but I purchased printable inserts of Etsy because I wanted them to fit stickers. 

I keep my Personal Planner in my Handbag and I plan a few weeks in-front so if I'm out and something crops up I can just add it in. 

Pink Fluffy Bunny - Primark £1.50
Key-ring - Alehop 2 Euro

Post It Notes - eBay £1
Paper Clip - Local Shop

Stickers - Planner Envy 

These Stickers from Planner Envy are great to clip into the back of your personal planner you can just add them in where you need them when your on the go. 

I hope you like it and I would love to see yours!

D'Atra Paris

2 Nov 2016

Product Of The Month: Headphone Cases

For this Product Of The Month blog, I wanted to shine a light on my Headphone Cases, and other ways you can use them. They'd make a great stocking filler for Christmas or a perfect Teacher gift. All the images are linked back to the items in my shop so you can have a nosey if you like. 

 Other Uses:

1. Coin Purse
2. Key Ring
3. Planner Accessory Case
4. Accessory Holder


1. Zip Fastening 
2. 100% Cotton
3. Keyring Hook
4. £5
5. Custom Designs 

Feel Free To Check Them Out!!

D'Atra Paris 

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