19 Oct 2016

Ways I Relax

After a busy day all you want to do is relax so I have put together a post about ways I relax. I would love to hear the ways you relax so I can give them a try. 

1. Have a bath - I love Lush bath bombs so I put my favourite one in the tub and I usually read my book or have a glass of wine.

2. Pamper myself - If i have the time I usually pamper myself and have a bath on the same night but sometimes I only have an hour free. I just like to paint my nails or do a face mask whatever i'm in the mood for really.

3. Read a book - I love reading especially when i'm reading a book that I can't put down, the last book I read which I was like that with was The Hunger Games, although i am excited to read the new harry potter which I have bought yet.

4. Have a glass of wine and a movie - I like to watch a feel good movie one of my favourites is the Pursuit of Happiness, or I put an episode of a box set on that i'm currently watching.

5. Snuggle - I have 3 cats so I love to snuggle with them after a long day so I put the fire on and snuggle under my blanket and a kitty always comes to join me.

D'Atra Paris 
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