24 Oct 2016

Sewing A to Z - ABC

A - Adjust Thread Tension 

If your stitching is too tight or to loose you can adjust the tension on your sewing machine to make it right. Check your instructions that came with your machine it will tell you how to correct it. You can adjust the tension on the thread spool as well as the bobbin tension. Lefty loosey, righty tighty will help you to remember which way you need to turn the pin. 

B - Bobbin

You can buy plastic bobbins and metal bobbins, the plastic ones are usually cheaper that the metal ones it just depends on what you like or what will fit in your machine. You can buy a bobbin case on eBay to store and organise your bobbins, if your feeling extra crafty you can look at the Diy cases on Pinterest and try an make your own. I have a few on the go many different colours and some spare so I don't need to empty one if I need another.

C - Cutting 

There are many different types of cutting methods and tools available. The most popular are scissors, rotary cutter and snips. Scissors are good for cutting your patterns out of your fabric and small scissors for detail. Rotary cutter and mat are great for cutting straight lines or quilting pieces, you can use a rotary cutter for curves but I don't trust myself. Snips are little sheer like scissors and great for removing those thread ends. 

Next blog post will cover DEF. 

D'Atra Paris 

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