7 Oct 2016

Sewing Essentials

If your just getting in to sewing and your wondering what to spending your money on to get you started. I put together a list of all the sewing essentials I think that are the best things to buy to get you started on your sewing journey. 

1. Sewing Machine - You will need a sewing machine to get you started, you don't have to buy the most expensive one when you are starting out, just get one that's within you budget and if you want to invest in a more expensive one at a later date you can. I started with a Toyota Quiltmaster which I picked up from Argos for £70 and a year later when I started my business I needed something that could handle being used everyday so I upgraded to a Phaff. 

2. Iron - An iron is another item you need for pressing your seams and creases out of your fabric. I would suggest using a separate iron from your household iron. Again you can buy any Iron you don't have to buy the most expensive one just one you can afford. Here's Mine: Hoover Airflow

3. Scissors - A decent pair of scissors will last you a long time and you can sharpen them. I use the soft close Fiskars scissors, I bought them for around £20. It's well worth the investment as they will last you years.

4. Tape Measure - If you want to make garments then you will need a tape measure. I buy a couple at a time because somehow I always manage to lose them.

5. Stitch Ripper - You can pick one up for as little as 20p and if you make a mistake you can undo your stitching easily. Buy a few of these so you can always find one.

6. Water Soluble Pen - These pens are perfect for making your marks on your fabric and the ink dissolves when it's wet. I also would recommend buying a magic eraser as you can wet it and remove the pen.

7. Thread - To start with I bought matching thread to my fabric, the first piece of fabric I bought was blue so I bought a blue thread, and I built up my collection of colours. Another way to get your thread is to buy a job lot on eBay, I have done this before you can pick up 50 threads for around £12.

Hope this helps you to get started on your sewing journey!

D'Atra Paris

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