10 Oct 2016

Holiday Essentials

When this blog post goes up I will be on vacation in Benidorm, so I thought it would be fun to share my holiday essentials. Things I always take with me no matter where I go. 

Tinted Moisturiser - I love having a Tinted Moisturiser on holiday, I use it instead of a foundation, i don't like to have a full face of make up on when I'm in the sun as it clogs my pores and if its hot weather I feel like my face is sliding off. I currently have one from Avon. You can find it here.

Waterproof Mascara - When i'm on the beach or by the pool I don't wear any make up but i like to have mascara on so i look so washed out. I always take a waterproof mascara then i'm fine to go swimming and it lasts all day. My favourite is a No7 it doesn't flake and doesn't make your lashes hard and stiff, plus its easy to remove. You can find it here.

Sudocrem - This has to be my most used product when i'm away, its perfect for sunburn and heat rash, It cools down sunburn and heels heat rash because no one wants those!  You can pick a tub up from Boots for around £3. You can find it here.

Brush Roll - I made myself a make up brush roll and I keep this one stored in my suitcase and use it every time I travel. You can find it here.

Personal Planner - I take my personal planner everywhere with me, but when I am going on Holiday I plan out the week with my chosen sticker kit then I leave it blank so I can fill it in day by day. When I return home I copy the information out into my Big Happy Planner, which stays at home on my desk.  I will have a blog post soon with a run through of how I set my personal planner up. I will be bringing the rose planner accessories to my shop soon I am testing them out and making changes at the moment.

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