26 Oct 2016

Halloween Activities

As I live in the UK, Halloween isn't that big here but I do like to do something to celebrate it. I have put together a post of some ideas for Halloween for couples, because if your like me and you don't have any kids and you don't know anyone who is having a party it can often be a boring regular evening.

My first idea is really simple but really fun, grab a bunch of your favourite scary movies some snacks, turn the lights off and snuggle up on the sofa. Perfect Halloween night in.

Another idea is you can throw a party for your friends, you could make some spooky snacks and drinks and invite some of your friends who may be in the same boat and have a fun night together. Check out this Pintrest board for inspiration. 

Check out your area, look on your local Facebook group for any activities happening around you. Some Pubs and Clubs will be holding Halloween fancy dress competitions and spooky cocktail hours. You could even make your own costume a few days before. 

Also there is alot of attractions that would be good for Halloween and if you have the day off you could go during the day of at night. For example, London Dungeons or Blackpools Terror Tower.  

Whatever you end up doing I hope you have a good Halloween!!

D'Atra Paris

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