31 Oct 2016

Bonfire Night Ideas

Happy Halloween Everyone! 

For Today's blog i have put together a list of ideas for an amazing Bonfire Night, even if your feeling the pinch or saving up for Christmas, there's at least one thing you will be able to do.
I love Bonfire Night it marks the start of the Festive season for me, plus its the perfect time to dig out my favourite scarfs and gloves. This year I'm going to a local organised firework display with the family tomorrow night. My winter coat is at the ready. 

1. Bonfire Night Snacks - This is great if you have little kids, you can rope them in to help you. Make snacks like Toffee Apples, Brownies and Black Peas. There is some amazing ideas on Pinterest.

2. Local Firework Display - Look on your councils website for an organised firework display, its usually free entry and there's often a fair as well so you can make a night of it.  Plus this year its not a school night.

3. Family Bonfire Night - Get your family round for a little Bonfire Night Party. Make some snacks, get some sparklers, you could even have a little bonfire and toast some marshmallows.

4. Cosy Night In - If Bonfire Night isn't your thing but you like to mark it, you could make some hot chocolate and snuggle under your blanket.

5. Cosy Night In (Option 2) - Make some mulled wine, and get a pack of sparklers.

Whatever you decide to do have a good one!!
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