17 Oct 2016

Big Happy Planner Flip Through: September/October

For today's blog post, i thought it would be fun to show your my Big Happy Planner, these are the week from September through to October. The last couple of weeks haven't been filled out yet as when I am writing this its the 3rd October. All the kits I have used apart from one are free printables which I have linked in this blog post.

Victoria Thatcher - Barbie

Planner Envy - Succulents 

Planner Envy - Rockability 

I made this one myself

Planner Problem - September Kit

Planner Problem - Autumn Spice 

Victoria Thatcher - Hawaii

Planner Envy (can't remember the name)

Planner Problem - Summer Days
Post It Note Is covering personal information 

Link your blog in the comments section i would love to see your planner flip through!!

D'Atra Paris 
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