31 Oct 2016

Bonfire Night Ideas

Happy Halloween Everyone! 

For Today's blog i have put together a list of ideas for an amazing Bonfire Night, even if your feeling the pinch or saving up for Christmas, there's at least one thing you will be able to do.
I love Bonfire Night it marks the start of the Festive season for me, plus its the perfect time to dig out my favourite scarfs and gloves. This year I'm going to a local organised firework display with the family tomorrow night. My winter coat is at the ready. 

1. Bonfire Night Snacks - This is great if you have little kids, you can rope them in to help you. Make snacks like Toffee Apples, Brownies and Black Peas. There is some amazing ideas on Pinterest.

2. Local Firework Display - Look on your councils website for an organised firework display, its usually free entry and there's often a fair as well so you can make a night of it.  Plus this year its not a school night.

3. Family Bonfire Night - Get your family round for a little Bonfire Night Party. Make some snacks, get some sparklers, you could even have a little bonfire and toast some marshmallows.

4. Cosy Night In - If Bonfire Night isn't your thing but you like to mark it, you could make some hot chocolate and snuggle under your blanket.

5. Cosy Night In (Option 2) - Make some mulled wine, and get a pack of sparklers.

Whatever you decide to do have a good one!!

28 Oct 2016

Editorial Calander 2017

A few months ago I posted a blog about my blogging process, I talked about how I plan my blogs months in advance so that its was less thing to worry about, I spend a week every couple of months planning and writing the next two months. I have just designed my blog Editorial Calendar for next year 2017.

I have added it to this blog so you can downloaded it and get your planning underway. this year I have made the boxes bigger so there is more room to write, the Calendar is undated so you can add your own dates, you can also hole punch it and put it in a file or sew along the top to hold it together. I just use a clip so that I can keep the current month I'm working on at the top.

Click Here To Access The File

D'Atra Paris

26 Oct 2016

Halloween Activities

As I live in the UK, Halloween isn't that big here but I do like to do something to celebrate it. I have put together a post of some ideas for Halloween for couples, because if your like me and you don't have any kids and you don't know anyone who is having a party it can often be a boring regular evening.

My first idea is really simple but really fun, grab a bunch of your favourite scary movies some snacks, turn the lights off and snuggle up on the sofa. Perfect Halloween night in.

Another idea is you can throw a party for your friends, you could make some spooky snacks and drinks and invite some of your friends who may be in the same boat and have a fun night together. Check out this Pintrest board for inspiration. 

Check out your area, look on your local Facebook group for any activities happening around you. Some Pubs and Clubs will be holding Halloween fancy dress competitions and spooky cocktail hours. You could even make your own costume a few days before. 

Also there is alot of attractions that would be good for Halloween and if you have the day off you could go during the day of at night. For example, London Dungeons or Blackpools Terror Tower.  

Whatever you end up doing I hope you have a good Halloween!!

D'Atra Paris

24 Oct 2016

Sewing A to Z - ABC

A - Adjust Thread Tension 

If your stitching is too tight or to loose you can adjust the tension on your sewing machine to make it right. Check your instructions that came with your machine it will tell you how to correct it. You can adjust the tension on the thread spool as well as the bobbin tension. Lefty loosey, righty tighty will help you to remember which way you need to turn the pin. 

B - Bobbin

You can buy plastic bobbins and metal bobbins, the plastic ones are usually cheaper that the metal ones it just depends on what you like or what will fit in your machine. You can buy a bobbin case on eBay to store and organise your bobbins, if your feeling extra crafty you can look at the Diy cases on Pinterest and try an make your own. I have a few on the go many different colours and some spare so I don't need to empty one if I need another.

C - Cutting 

There are many different types of cutting methods and tools available. The most popular are scissors, rotary cutter and snips. Scissors are good for cutting your patterns out of your fabric and small scissors for detail. Rotary cutter and mat are great for cutting straight lines or quilting pieces, you can use a rotary cutter for curves but I don't trust myself. Snips are little sheer like scissors and great for removing those thread ends. 

Next blog post will cover DEF. 

D'Atra Paris 

21 Oct 2016

Mid Week Pick Me Ups

With Winter coming the days are getting shorter and you can being to feel like you don't see any daylight, you go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. so I have put together a list of ideas which I use to lift your spirits in the middle of the week. 

A Relaxing Bath - This is how I pick myself up during the week, usually on a Wednesday. I will choose one of my lush bath bombs, put a candle on and get in the bath usually for half an hour longer if I have the time. Find a product that you love and you'll look forward to your mid week soak. I use bath bombs from lush, I will buy 2 at a time and cut them in half that will cover me for a month. You can find Lush here.

Coffee Date - Grab coffee with a friend, this kills two birds with one stone, gives you time to see your friends and pick each other up. you could do this once a month and use another technique on other weeks. 

Make A Note - Make a note of what you are grateful for that has happened so far that week.

Mini Pamper Session - We are also so busy during the week but if you have a spare 15 mins, put a face mask on and lye back and relax. If you have the time combine this with your relaxing bath. 

Work Out - Have a work out, which doesn't mean you have to go to a gym, you could go for a walk or take up yoga.

Clean Your House - This is a weird one but this is one that really helps me when I need a pick me up. I just choose a room in my house and clean it. I think its because I can see the immediate  results so it instantly makes me feel better. 

Forward Plan - Plan an activity or something to do on the weekend or your day off that you can look forward to, this will help you get through the rest of the week. 

Hope you found this helpful, let me know you tips and tricks when you need a pick me up. 

D'Atra Paris

19 Oct 2016

Ways I Relax

After a busy day all you want to do is relax so I have put together a post about ways I relax. I would love to hear the ways you relax so I can give them a try. 

1. Have a bath - I love Lush bath bombs so I put my favourite one in the tub and I usually read my book or have a glass of wine.

2. Pamper myself - If i have the time I usually pamper myself and have a bath on the same night but sometimes I only have an hour free. I just like to paint my nails or do a face mask whatever i'm in the mood for really.

3. Read a book - I love reading especially when i'm reading a book that I can't put down, the last book I read which I was like that with was The Hunger Games, although i am excited to read the new harry potter which I have bought yet.

4. Have a glass of wine and a movie - I like to watch a feel good movie one of my favourites is the Pursuit of Happiness, or I put an episode of a box set on that i'm currently watching.

5. Snuggle - I have 3 cats so I love to snuggle with them after a long day so I put the fire on and snuggle under my blanket and a kitty always comes to join me.

D'Atra Paris 

17 Oct 2016

Big Happy Planner Flip Through: September/October

For today's blog post, i thought it would be fun to show your my Big Happy Planner, these are the week from September through to October. The last couple of weeks haven't been filled out yet as when I am writing this its the 3rd October. All the kits I have used apart from one are free printables which I have linked in this blog post.

Victoria Thatcher - Barbie

Planner Envy - Succulents 

Planner Envy - Rockability 

I made this one myself

Planner Problem - September Kit

Planner Problem - Autumn Spice 

Victoria Thatcher - Hawaii

Planner Envy (can't remember the name)

Planner Problem - Summer Days
Post It Note Is covering personal information 

Link your blog in the comments section i would love to see your planner flip through!!

D'Atra Paris 

14 Oct 2016

Free Printable Planner Stickers - Part Two

A Week or so ago I posted a blog featuring some of my favourite websites and blogs to get free planner stickers. I have rounded up some more links for you to check out below. These are great to use if your planning on a budget or just like to be more creative with your planner. 

The Pinning Mama

Heart Handmade UK

Felly Bee


Vintage Glam 

I am always looking for printables so if I find anymore links I will Post them, also if you make free printables and would like me to add you link to the post just let me know. 

D'Atra Paris


12 Oct 2016

Rewind Bucket List

I thought it would be fun to do a rewind bucket list, which is basically a list of things that you have already achieved. You can go back to it and add things or just look back at it when your feeling down and give yourself a boost. 

  1. Graduated 
  2. Got engaged 
  3. Set up a business
  4. 3 beautiful cats
  5. Been on a trip to New York 
  6. Finished my garden 
  7. Fell in love 
  8. Moved into our own place 
  9. Been on a trip to Benidorm 

I would love to read yours! 

D'Atra Paris

10 Oct 2016

Holiday Essentials

When this blog post goes up I will be on vacation in Benidorm, so I thought it would be fun to share my holiday essentials. Things I always take with me no matter where I go. 

Tinted Moisturiser - I love having a Tinted Moisturiser on holiday, I use it instead of a foundation, i don't like to have a full face of make up on when I'm in the sun as it clogs my pores and if its hot weather I feel like my face is sliding off. I currently have one from Avon. You can find it here.

Waterproof Mascara - When i'm on the beach or by the pool I don't wear any make up but i like to have mascara on so i look so washed out. I always take a waterproof mascara then i'm fine to go swimming and it lasts all day. My favourite is a No7 it doesn't flake and doesn't make your lashes hard and stiff, plus its easy to remove. You can find it here.

Sudocrem - This has to be my most used product when i'm away, its perfect for sunburn and heat rash, It cools down sunburn and heels heat rash because no one wants those!  You can pick a tub up from Boots for around £3. You can find it here.

Brush Roll - I made myself a make up brush roll and I keep this one stored in my suitcase and use it every time I travel. You can find it here.

Personal Planner - I take my personal planner everywhere with me, but when I am going on Holiday I plan out the week with my chosen sticker kit then I leave it blank so I can fill it in day by day. When I return home I copy the information out into my Big Happy Planner, which stays at home on my desk.  I will have a blog post soon with a run through of how I set my personal planner up. I will be bringing the rose planner accessories to my shop soon I am testing them out and making changes at the moment.

D'Atra Paris

7 Oct 2016

Sewing Essentials

If your just getting in to sewing and your wondering what to spending your money on to get you started. I put together a list of all the sewing essentials I think that are the best things to buy to get you started on your sewing journey. 

1. Sewing Machine - You will need a sewing machine to get you started, you don't have to buy the most expensive one when you are starting out, just get one that's within you budget and if you want to invest in a more expensive one at a later date you can. I started with a Toyota Quiltmaster which I picked up from Argos for £70 and a year later when I started my business I needed something that could handle being used everyday so I upgraded to a Phaff. 

2. Iron - An iron is another item you need for pressing your seams and creases out of your fabric. I would suggest using a separate iron from your household iron. Again you can buy any Iron you don't have to buy the most expensive one just one you can afford. Here's Mine: Hoover Airflow

3. Scissors - A decent pair of scissors will last you a long time and you can sharpen them. I use the soft close Fiskars scissors, I bought them for around £20. It's well worth the investment as they will last you years.

4. Tape Measure - If you want to make garments then you will need a tape measure. I buy a couple at a time because somehow I always manage to lose them.

5. Stitch Ripper - You can pick one up for as little as 20p and if you make a mistake you can undo your stitching easily. Buy a few of these so you can always find one.

6. Water Soluble Pen - These pens are perfect for making your marks on your fabric and the ink dissolves when it's wet. I also would recommend buying a magic eraser as you can wet it and remove the pen.

7. Thread - To start with I bought matching thread to my fabric, the first piece of fabric I bought was blue so I bought a blue thread, and I built up my collection of colours. Another way to get your thread is to buy a job lot on eBay, I have done this before you can pick up 50 threads for around £12.

Hope this helps you to get started on your sewing journey!

D'Atra Paris

5 Oct 2016

Product Of The Month: October

Christmas is coming so I have started getting my Christmas stock up on my shop, I thought I'd share with you my product of the month, I had these in stock last year and they seemed to be well liked so I have brought them back for this year.

Hope You Like Them!

D'Atra Paris

3 Oct 2016

Free Printable Planner Stickers - Part One

I posted a blog a week or so ago about my newest addiction, my Happy Planner. So I have put together a post of all the links I use to get free planner stickers. They are free and the ladies that design them are really talented and product beautiful designs.  If you have a printer and paper (or Sticker Paper) you are good to go. You can't resell the printables as that is copyright but you can use them in your planner and you can still post pictures of your planner and share on social media. 

My Planner Envy 

Planner Addiction 

Victoria Thatcher 

Wendaful Designs

Cute Daisy 

I will post another blog with some more links soon. Happy Planning!!

D'Atra Paris 

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