2 Sep 2016

Sewing Inspiration Tips

From time to time many of us suffer from loss of inspiration, not knowing what to sew or create.  I have many a time sat at my sewing machine and have not created anything because I'm not inspired. I have put together a blog post on someways we can get past our creators block. 

My first suggestion would be magazines when I am feeling particularly uninspired I head down to my local WHSmiths and pick up a sewing magazine, have a read through and if I see something I want to make I give it a try or even put my own creative spin on it. 

Another idea is going to have to be Pintrest I regularly use Pinterst to get inspiration, whether its a small project I want to do or a large project there are so many ideas its bound to spark up my imagination. 

Sometimes we can get creators block because of situations we have going on in our lives, if your felling particularly stress or overwhelmed this can effect your creativity, what I like to do when I'm feeling like that is go for a walk, see some friends or do something else I enjoy like potter in my garden. 

I have also had those times when I have sat down to sew I have all my fabric and my sewing machine at the ready and I have no idea what to make but I am in the mood to sew. I usually look through my wardrobe when this happens, and I can usually come up with something to make that I don't have or that could do with replacing. 

Hope This Helps!

D'Atra Paris
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