30 Sep 2016

Prepare For Craft Fair Season


  • Make sure your booth looks attractive, stand back and look at it as if you were a customer approaching. Ask yourself would you stop and look?!
  • Display your products at different levels to create interest.
  • Make sure your items are visible so your customers don't have to route. 


  • Take business cards with you and your customers will know how to find you again.
  • Ask people to sign your mailing to receive your newsletter.
  • Offer a free gift if customers spend over a certain amount or a discount off their next order or purchase off you. 
  • Be friendly and chatty to anyone who comes up to your stall because even if they don't buy from you they will remember you. 
  • Another tip is to take card payments, you can download an app to your iPad or phone to help you with that, I use PayPal. 


  • Take with you your best selling products and any new one items you have made.
  • Take something to cover your target customers budget. If your products are price between £25 and £100 take products that range, because if you take your most expensive items you could lose some potential sales. 
  • Wrap your items in beautiful packaging this will leave a lasting impression and encourage repeat business. 

Hope This Helps!

D'Atra Paris

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