23 Sep 2016

Prepare For The Christmas Rush - Production - Part 3


The final part of my getting prepared for Christmas series is production. 

First decide when you want or need your stock to be ready, I like mine to be up in my shop by the 1st October then I have enough time to ship internationally and catch the early Christmas shoppers. Pick a date that suits your needs.


If you followed along with the series you will have you materials and supplies ready to start production. Set yourself goals for the week or even day depending on how you like to work, you could say you want to produce 100 brush rolls in 3 days. This will help you to keep on schedule with you stock.

Pre Christmas Sale 

Sell off your stock that isn't selling as well this will give you more space to list items in your shop and boost your sales.


Take good photos of your items, you could even add a Christmas background. Make sure you work out your prices correctly so you are making a profit. I work out how much my materials (including shipping and packaging) are and how much time it takes me and that gives me my break even price, then I add my profit on top.

Hope this helps you prepare for your Christmas rush.

D'Atra Paris

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