9 Sep 2016

Prepare For The Christmas Rush - Planning - Part 1

If you have your an on line business or any business then you know how hectic the Christmas season can be. I have put together a series of blog posts to help you prepare for the upcoming holiday season. Hopefully there will be some tips and tricks you can apply to your business. 


Planning for the Christmas season is a bit part of making sure your business runs as smoothly as possible. 

1. Research & Product Planning 

- My first tip is to do your research, look at what you sold last year in terms of what you maybe sold out on and what didn't sell so well.
- Look at current trends, for example; last year the film Frozen was very popular among girls so I planned a Christmas gift range using the Frozen theme. 
- Make a note of your findings as this information will help you when you come to designing your product range. 

2. Dates 

- Go through your diary and mark in some deadlines. For example; Christmas Stock release date, last international shipping date. you can also mark the dates of your January sales.
- Look at your processing times, i make my own products so if i make something to order and I have a week processing time i will have to make sure i leave enough time before the last shipping date. 
- Look at your mail couriers time schedules on line this will give you an idea for your shipping dates. 

3. Plan Extra Services 

- Are you going to offer a free gift? gift wrapping? a discount? if so being to get your plan for that together, plan what discount you are going to offer, advertise your gift wrapping earlier as many people shop early for Christmas. 

4. Products and Prices 

- Using the information you collected from your research begin to plan what products your going to sell and set your prices.
- You can also think about the amount of stock you want to make, for example; if last year you sold 50 bars of soap and you sold out make 100 this year. if you don't sell them all you can add them to your January sale. 

5. Materials and Supplies  

- Once you have planed your products start to get your supplies ordered, make sure you order enough supplies to last you as you don't want any delays buy waiting for deliveries of extra materials. 
- While your ordering your materials and supplies, you can also order your shipping packaging, if your offering a gift wrap service get your gift wrapping in stock. If you buy it now they usually have discounts on as some of the paper is from last year. 

That's all my planning tips! Part Two will cover your Christmas Marketing! ( Next Friday)

D'Atra Paris

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