16 Sep 2016

Prepare For The Christmas Rush - Marketing - Part 2


1. Social Media 

- Pre-plan you social media posts this will take the stress off you during the busy period, take your photos, create your posts so they are ready to be uploaded. You could even create a schedule for your social media posts. 

- Blog Posts, write your blog posts, take your photos and schedule them for uploading. I use an editorial calendar and during the months running up to Christmas I schedule them up till Christmas day, then its one less thing to worry about.

2. Craft Fairs 

- You maybe planning of doing a few craft fairs during the Christmas season, get the dates in your diary and start planning what your going to be taking and any display props, price lists or any other bits you will need to take with you. I will have a blog post specifically about craft fairs coming soon. 

Part 3 will be published on Friday covering Production.

D'Atra Paris 

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