21 Sep 2016

My Top Ten Tips To Stay Positive

I know what it like to feel down in the dumps and have no motivation, it can be difficult to cope with. Whether you suffered a set back, lost someone you love or are feeling like you have no purpose many of us experience that feeling and it can be hard to shake. I have put together a post that might help you get you mojo back.

1.  Look on the bright side - Sounds so cheesy but it does really work. If you going through a tough situation find the silver lining. For example if you are having a financially difficult month then look at it like your learning to budget and think of creative ways to make what you have go along way. When your out of your financial situation you will look back and feel like you have achieved something and learnt a life lesson.

2. Positive Quotes - Read some positive quotes on Pinterest when your feeling low, if you find one you like write it down and read it every morning, you could even print it off and put it in a frame and on your wall.

3. Give yourself a break - If your down in the dumps sometime you can make it worse by stressing about how your feeling, try not to stress as it can make it worse. (Have a pamper day)

4. Let it go - May be its not a situation that's making you feel low but a person, if you have tried your best then all you can do is walk away, don't let someone dampen your sparkle.

5. Eat Well - What your eating can have an effect on your mood, if you eat crap you will feel crap.

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6. Get up on the right side of the bed - Start your morning off positively and your your day will follow on in the same way. I have heard that making your bed in the morning can have positive effect on your day.

7. Get into a routine - Getting into a routine can help your mood, you could start doing little things and work on adding to your routine as you go along. Maybe get up a certain time and have breakfast at a certain time.

8. Do something that makes you happy - Take some time out to do something that you love, even if it's just for half an hour.

9. Go for a walk - Going for a walk can blow away the cob webs and give you a different perspective on a situation.

10. Tomorrow's another day - Take it a day at a time.

D'Atra Paris

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