28 Sep 2016

My New Addiction: Planning

I finally took the plunge and bought myself a Happy Planner, I purchased the Big Happy Planner so I can use it to plan my work and personal life schedule.  I have been watching Plan With Me videos on YouTube for a couple of years now and have always wanted my own planner to decorate with stickers.

As I have the Large Happy Planner it can be difficult to find stickers to fit it. As I'm in the UK shipping is just so expensive that I don't buy stickers from Etsy and I tend to use the free printables  you can find online. (I will have a blog post coming up with links to some of the websites I use to get my free printables).

I have started designing my own stickers and I was thinking of sharing them on my blog so you can use them too, for free. 

Let me know if that's something you would like.

D'Atra Paris

This is where I purchased my Happy Planner: https://www.stuff4crafts.com/

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