7 Sep 2016

English Paper Piecing Tutorial

English Paper Piecing is so much fun to do and it's on of those crafts that you can do in front of the TV or on the go. I have put together a blog showing you the basics on how to do English Paper Piecing and what you can use it for, as well as a few hints and tips.

What you will need:

Scraps of fabric (any size will do)
Hexagon Template
Paper Clip
Needle and Thread

Step One:  Cut out your paper hexagons, the larger your hexagons the bigger your scraps of fabric will need to be, so if you have small scraps of fabric that you want to use up use a smaller hexagon.

Step Two:  Cut your fabric into squares make sure you cover all the hexagon with a small flap on the back so it can be tacked into place.

Step Three: Use a paper clip to hold your paper template to your fabric this will help you to tack the fabric into place. Thread your needle and make a small knot in your thread, baste the fabric into position around the template. (Repeat this step until you have as many hexagons as you want, then you can do step for in one go)

Step Four: Press the hexagon to flatten and make your edges look crisp.  I use a little spray starch to set the edges.

Step Five: Paper piecing is like a jigsaw place your hexagons where you want them and sew them together.

Ideas For What You Can Make

1. Cushion Covers
2. Quilts
3. Wall Coverings
4. Applique
5. Handbags

Tip: When I have small scraps of fabric I make hexagons as I go then when I'm in the mood I just stitch them together. I organise them by colour so they are easy to find and I know what I have more of or what I can match if I want to make something.

D'Atra Paris

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