8 Jun 2016

Packaging Basics

I Love it when your order something from an Etsy shop and you receive your item wrapped in beautiful packaging. I thought I would share with you what my packaging is like for my items, and give you some tips that you may find useful. 

1. Envelope/ Kraft Paper - I use Pink envelopes to post my items in, they are easy to seal and strong which mean my items will be safe in the post. There are other colours available so you can match them to your branding. Another alternative is Kraft paper, I use this if I am sending larger items that wont fit in my envelopes. 

2. Tissue Paper/ Bubble Wrap - I wrap my items in white tissue paper, this adds and extra layer of projection and a  luxurious feel when the customer opens the package. I occasionally use bubble wrap if the item is fragile. 

3. Returns Label - I add a returns label to the back of my packages, in case they get lost more often than not they will be returned to the address on the label, then you can resend them. 

4. Gift Tag - I handmade gift tags and attach them to my parcels,  I stamp a To/From on the back in case the item is a gift. Like I said I make my own but you can buy them already done or you can make your own too. 

5. Sticker - I also make my own stickers that I put on the tissue paper, just as a little embellishment. you don't have to do this but it helps to reinforce your brand. 

6. Compliment Slip - I add a compliment slip to my parcels, just to say thanks for their purchase and how they can contact me if there is any problems, it also has links to where they can find me if they would like to purchase again in the future. 

Hope this gives you some inspiration, also if you look at packaging ideas on Pintrest there is lots more ideas for you to look at. 

D'Atra Paris
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