6 Jun 2016

Finished Crafts

Hi Everyone!! 

I have been busy sewing recently so I thought I would share my finished items. 


As I work from home it can get very warm in my office during the summer so I have made some loose fitting Tunics, teamed with leggings they are really practical and comfortable to work in. 

Maxi Dress 

I recently finished this maxi dress, as I am tall I find it difficult to find Maxi dresses that are the right length so I decided to make my own. 


I went to Africa when I was younger and i purchased a piece of fabric I have had it sitting in my stash for years and I finally made a top which I could use the fabric. 


I purchased a chair of eBay a couple of months ago and I have recovered it, it fits in really well with my redecorated office (Blog Coming Soon).


D'Atra Paris 
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