13 Jun 2016

DIY Sewing Kit - Fathers Day Gift Idea

Hi Everyone! 

Fathers Day is next weekend and I thought this would be a great gift idea.  If you live near The Range they have an inexpensive craft section when you can pick up some cardboard boxes in all different shapes for £1. If you are unable to get hold of one then any box will do as long as it is small. 

Things You Will Need!

PVA Glue 
Cardboard Box
Decorative Papers 
A Piece Of Fabric 
Toy Stuffing 

Step 1. Mix some PVA Glue with water to make a paste, cut up your strips of paper and beginning sticking them to the lid. I wanted to add a pin cushion to the top of mine so i got one with a hole in it but you can skip that step if you want to. 

Step 2. Once you have done your lid do the same to the lower part of your box. Coat the whole thing in a layer of PVA and leave to dry.

Step 3. Once the box is dry place your fabric over the lid and stuff it with toy stuffing this will form your pin cushion, secure it with glue. The box I used came with a piece of cardboard that I used to cover the base of the pin cushion. 

Step 4. Add any finishing touches, I added some ribbon to the lid and the box but you can add beads or sequins. Finish by adding a Sewing Kit you can pick these up from Asda for very little money. 

Hope you enjoy this tutorial. If you give it a try let me know!

D'Atra Paris
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