20 Jun 2016

Beat The Summer Slow Down

Hi Everyone!!

If you have an online shop you may notice that during the Summer months your sales decrease. 
This is because of a number of reasons, if the weather is nice people want to go out and do things not sit in and shop, it could be because the stock you sell is not summer appropriate for example, Winter clothes. 
Whatever the reason I have put together a few tips to get you and your business through the Summer Slow Down. 

  • Work on your Blog/Website - This is one of the main things that I do when business is slow. I batch write Blogs and schedule them.  Need some inspiration?! (20 Blog Ideas).

  • Re-Brand - Re Branding your business takes a lot of time and planning so why not do it when your not as busy.

  • Work on product descriptions - If your like me and have 100+ listings this can be so time consuming, but can make a big impact on your sales. Reformat your descriptions or add any new information to them.

  • Re Photograph - Now you have updated descriptions the next step is to update your photography. I do this every single summer, and its the perfect time as you will get the most natural daylight and can take some stunning pictures. 

  • Housekeeping - Freshen up your office, sort through your stock, tackle that job you have been meaning to do.

  • Books/Accounts - This has to be the worst part about running an online business, I find the best thing is just to get it over with. Schedule in a week to do your book keeping or  you could do a month a day to break it down into manageable chunks. 

  • Restock - I make all my stock so when i have some quiet time I like to work on new products or restock any old products I have sold.

  • Social Media - Increase your usage of social media throughout the summer, this may help to keep your sales from decreasing, as well as social media you could have a sale on your shop. This will entice people in from your social media.

  • Business Review - I do this about 4 times a year but you could set a goal to do it once a year during the summer. look back over your business and make a note of you top/worst sellers, best/worst moments, and see what you could improve on. 

  • Prepare Christmas Stock - I like to have my Christmas stock up and selling by October which means I have to start planning and creating by the end of August.

  • Start a mailing list - promote sales by emailing your customers with special offers for a limited time this will encourage them to purchase from you. They get a bargain and you get a sale. 

  • Positive - My final tip is to stay positive i know that is easier said than done but if you follow some of my tips the Summer Slow Down will fly by and you'll be prepared for the busy times ahead. 

Hope This Helps!

D'Atra Paris 
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