12 Feb 2016

Valentines Date Ideas

On Wednesday I posted a blog with some gift ideas, today's blog is date ideas. 

1. Cook a meal - Cook a romantic meal for 2.

2. Pamper Night - Pamper your partner whether that's running them a bath or giving them a facial.

3. Romantic Film Night - Popcorn at the ready! Watch Romantic films together.

4. Meal Out - Take your partner to their favourite restaurant.

5. Romantic Getaway - If you have a few days off get a way somewhere the two of you can relax and do what you enjoy.

6. Revisit the place where you met - Reminisce together and visit the place you first met.

7. Experience Day - Book an experience day, paint balling, sky diving what ever it is go have fun!

8. Afternoon Tea - Some restaurants serve afternoon tea with champagne, great for a date. 

Hope This Helps

D'Atra Paris
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