3 Feb 2016

No7 - Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush Review

I have been using the Cleansing Brush for a month now and I really like it. It says that it isn't recommended for dry skin which is what I have but it has been working really well for me. 

I use it every night to remove my make up, I take my eye make up first then I put the No7 Cleansing Balm on my face and use the fist slow setting on the brush to massage the cleanser and remove my foundation, then I just rinse it off. It takes half the time to remove my make up compared to doing it without the brush. My skin is softer and brighter and my makeup seems to stay on longer. 

Available from Boots for £24.95 and they currently have a 3 for 2 offer on. You can also buy new heads, I need to pick one up soon, they recommend changing the heads every 3 months but my foundation has slightly stained mine so I will need to replace it once a month. 

If you give it a try let me know!

D'Atra Paris
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