5 Feb 2016

My Office Essentials

As it's the new year I always treat myself to new stationary, so I thought it would be fun to blog my office essentials.

Computer - I like to have a desktop computer as they tend to have more storage and I find them easier to work on. It's an office staple as most the work I do is on a computer. 

Label Maker - I only just got this for Christmas and already I can see a massive difference in printing off posting addresses, it takes half the time and looks really professional. 

iPad - I love my iPad I using along with my computer as it enables me to keep track of my business when I'm on the go, I blog on it and I can take orders when I'm away from home. 

Diary/Planner - I don,t know what I would do without my diary, I just bought a new on for this year, I write my daily to do tasks, my blog posts and sales down in it, this way I never forget anything and I can plan my week out. 

Printer - Obviously a printer is a really useful tool to have, I can print invoices and recipes off and any other information I need.

Pens and Notepads - I love to make notes, of tasks I need to do or ideas that I have so I like to make a note of them. 

Post It's - I have so many Post It's, my boyfriend says I have enough to to open a shop but I love them and I use them every single day, either to write important tasks down or to make an event in my diary. 

D'Atra Paris
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