6 Jan 2016

My 2016 Reading List

One of my New Years Resolutions is to read a book every month, so I went through my book collection and pulled out all the books that I have been meaning to read.

I have listed 12 of them below, some are ones my mum has lent to me because she loves them and some are ones I bought with the intention of reading. Hopefully I will have read all 12 by the end of the year and then I can treat my self to 12 new books for next year and may be even up my goal to two books a month.

1.  Girl Online - Zoe Sugg
2. The Gift - Mia Dolan
3. Changing - Phillipa Gregory
4. The Cavender Game - Kate Ellis
5. My Sweet Audrina - Virginia Andrews
6. The Family - Martina Cole
7. Life Of Pi - Yann Martel
8. Betrayed, House Of Night - P.C and Kirsten Cast
9. Chosen, House Of Night - P.C and Kirsten Cast
10. Red Queen - Phillipa Gregory
11. Gates Of Paradise - Virginia Andrews
12. Sister - Rousmound Lipton

I will do a book review style post when I have read one before moving on to the next and let you know what my thoughts were about the book and if I would recommend it. If you have any suggestions of must read books let me know!

D'Atra Paris 

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