25 Jan 2016

January Favourites 2016

As its near the end of January I thought I would blog my beauty favourites.

1. No7 Night Cream - Beautiful Skin - Normal/Dry

I got this cream for Christmas and i have been using it every night since and my skin is so smooth and soft. usually in the winter months my skin becomes dry and chapped but this year that hasn't happened. I apply it at night after i have cleansed my face when i wake up in the morning my skin still feels moisturised. 

2. Body Shop - Hemp Foot Protector 

I have used this product for many years i must be on my 4th tub, it lasts along time and my feet feel amazing, plus it smells really good too. 

3. Superdrug - Coconut Oil - For Hair and Skin

I bought this product in December my hair was really dry, i have curly hair and it was so frizzy. so i thought i would give this product a try, i bought the small size but when it runs out i will definitely be buying the larger tub. You warm it in your hands until it turns into liquid and apply to your hair or skin. i haven't tried it on my skin but it works amazingly well on my hair. 

4. Nivea - Lip Butter - Vanilla & Macadamia 

This was another Christmas gift, it came in a set and this one is my favourite, it smells incredible and my lips feel so soft.

5. Tangle Teezer 

This has to be the best hair brush i have ever had, like i said i have curly hair which always gets tangled and it can be a job coming through it but this makes it so easy, i have less breakage and it doesn't pull on my tangles. 

Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you thought! 

D'Atra Paris
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