15 Jan 2016

Beat The January Blues


Its the middle of January, Christmas seems a lifetime ago and it's cold and went outside so I put together a a list of things to do to beat the January blues.

  1. Get Cooking - Try out those new recipes you have been dying to make, take up baking or even start a health kick and get your beach body ready.
  2. Catch Up On Work - Mid January is often a quiet time for me, I use this time to finish any work or get those time consuming jobs that I have been putting off done.
  3. Make Plans - Summer will soon be upon us so make holiday plans or plans for how you want to spend it, this will give you something to look forward to.
  4. Holiday - If you have the funds kick the year off with a Holiday, get away from the wet weather and head for the beach.
  5. Read A Book - Get lost in a great book, this will give your mind an escape and boost your spirits.
  6. Re-decorate A Room Or Your Home - Spruce up your space, no better feeling that coming home to a fresh house.
  7. Have A New Year Clear Out - Clear out any clutter or donate/sell anything your bored off, you will feel so much better for it.
  8. Walk - Blow away the cob webs and go for a winter walk, this always helps to clear my head and boost my spirits.
  9. Save Money - Money can be tight after Christmas so use this time to save money, cut down on unnecessary items and make a plan of how you want to spend the money you will have saved.
  10. Make A 2016 Checklist - Write down everything you want to achieve this year and start working on your goals.
  11. New Hobby - Take up a new hobby, whether that's Sports, Baking or Sewing find something that you love.
  12. Make A Play list - make a play list of your favourite songs that make you feel happy and uplifted and play it while you potter round your house, it's sure to lift you up.
  13. Throw A Dinner Party - Use this time to catch up with old friends and try out your new recipes, you could even take it in turns to host, Come Dine With Me style. 
I hope this helps anyone that is feeling the January Blues and if you have any other suggestions of give any of these a try let me know.

D'Atra Paris 
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