20 Jan 2016

15 Things To Do For Free

Its the first month of the New Year why not kick it off buy doing some money saving activities over the weekend. After Christmas money can be a bit tight I have put together a list of things that you can do for free.
  1. Check out your local Community Center - They often have activities or classes you can take part in free of charge.
  2. Clear Out - This is one of my favourite things to do if I find myself at a loose end or want to pass some time doing something useful. Clear out that dreaded cupboard, wardrobe or CD collection.
  3. Teach Yourself Something - Last August bank holiday I taught myself how to quilt, why not teach yourself a skill you have always wanted to know how to do.
  4. Start A Blog - Start a blog about something that means something to you, whether that's Beauty, Fashion or a topic you find interesting. 
  5. Cook For The Week - If you know you have a busy week ahead why not cook your meals in advance, this will save time and give you something to do. 
  6. Throw A Dinner Party - Invite your friends round for a dinner party, you could have them bring their favourite home cooked dish and you could all try each other's. 
  7. Work Out Your Finances - Not the most exciting thing to do but we all have to do it. Work them out and set a plan of action for the year.
  8. Themed Film Day - My boyfriend and I often do this, chose a theme and watch films relating to it. For example: Old movie day or Action movie day.
  9. Have a Sale - Have a sale in your garden or local community Center, you could even list unwanted items on eBay. This will generate some extra cash for a day out or something special.
  10. Get Things Done - I hear people so often say 'I don't have enough time' well use this time to get those jobs done, whether that be tidying the garden, washing the car or going to the gym.
  11. Get A Head Start - Get a head start on DIY gifts for birthdays or even next Christmas have them ready and wrapped this way it saves time and you won't forget.
  12. Help A Friend - Got a friend who is moving house or doing some work they need a hand with, help them out they will be very grateful.
  13. Spend Time With A Pet - Take a dog for a walk it doesn't have to be yours ask a neighbour or a friend if you can take their dog, or play with your cat, I have a laser pen which my two love to chase. 
  14. Volunteer Your Time - Volunteer your time within you community or your local church, helping others will give you a feel good feeling. 
  15. Take A Long Walk - Go for a walk this will clear your head and you can start the next week feeling fresh. 
I hope these tips were helpful, if you give any of them a try let me know! 

D'Atra Paris
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