8 Jan 2016

10 Tips For Working From Home

As I run my business from home I know how tricky it can be to stay motivated and productive, so here are 10 tips to make working from home easier. 

  1. Set A Schedule - Setting work hours helps you get in to a routine, I work from 9:30 to 6 Mon - Sat and have Sun as my day off. This way it feels like a regular 9-5 Job and you know that between those hours you will be working. However working from home does give you flexibility and somethings even I have to veer from my schedule, if I need a Wednesday off I will swap it with Sunday, but I have the schedule there as a guide.
  2. Set A Finish Time - Have a clocking off time, I finish at 6:30pm this way I know I have a certain amount of time to complete the days tasks and I know that from 6:30 I can relax and do non work related tasks.
  3. Dress For Work - Have a work uniform, I know that's strange as at home you can wear anything but having a uniform will make you more productive as your less likely to get back in bed or lounge around.
  4. No Distractions - When I first started working from home it was easy for me to put the television on as I worked but I found that I ended up watching the TV and getting no or little work done. Now I turn my phone off and occasionally I will play the radio if I don't need to concentrate as much.
  5. Office Space - Have your own work space would be my next tip, sometimes it's impossible to have your own room as your office but just a small area where you can work will make you more productive. 
  6. Designate Days - Set certain task for certain days, I do my Accounts on a Thursday and list my items in my shop on a Friday. This way you can batch your work and work more efficiently.
  7. Keep Your Space Organised - There is nothing worse that trying to work in a cluttered space, have a place for everything this way it's easier to find what your looking for quickly so you can get on with the job at hand. 
  8. Notepad and Pen - I always keep a notepad and a pen handy just in case I need to write something down or have an idea that I want to implement this way your less likely to forget it and can refer back to it when you have chance.
  9. Planner - Have a planner or a diary to keep track of your tasks, I organise mine like a to-do list. 
  10. Have Time Off - When running your own business it can be difficult to take time off as there is only you to solve any problems but I make sure I take one day off to recharge my batteries and relax. 

Hope this helps! 

D'Atra Paris 
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