14 Oct 2015

Lancome - Teint Visionnaire Foundation

As it's getting colder I like to change to my favourite Autumn/Winter foundation, Teint Visionnaire by Lancome. I love this foundation for this time of year it is moisturising  and I prefer the dewy natural finish as my skin looks fresher and healthier. I have been using this foundation in the winter months for a couple of years now, so I thought I would share with you what I like and what I don't like about it. 


Pros: Good Coverage, Creamy and really smooth and easy to apply, I use a concealer brush to apply it. As it comes with the mirror on the lid it is really good for touch ups during the day.  The concealer is a shade lighter than the foundation, I usually buy my concealer a shade lighter than my foundation.

Con: The concealer creases on my skin so I have to put a layer of powder over the top to stop it from happening.  


Pros: The foundation is medium to full coverage, and it has a really creamy texture. I apply it with a foundation brush and it gives a really nice natural finish. I am in the shade 05 it matches with my skin tone perfectly. 

Cons: The only issue I have had with this foundation is it comes off if it touches my clothes, so I just add a setting powder over the top and then my bronzer.

I bought mine from Debenhams it retails for around £29.50.  

D'Atra Paris
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