22 Aug 2015

Handmade Heywood!!

Hi and welcome to my updated blog!!

I haven't posted a blog post on here since 2013, with studying and working it got put on the back burner. So with an updated look, slightly different content and the opening of my Etsy shop it seemed like the right time and I am really excited to start posting again. 

In January 2015 I decided to leave my full time job and set up my own business (Handmade Heywood) selling beautiful handmade items, and custom orders. Such as, Make Up Brush Rolls, Passport and ID Wallets, Headphone Cases, Tote Bags and coming soon will be a range of bespoke dresses. I have an Ebay Shop and most recently I opened an Etsy Shop. 

I think restarting my blog will give me a chance to showcase my items, as well as that I can still post beauty blogs, tutorials and DIY crafting posts. 

Thanks For Stopping By!

D'Atra Paris 

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